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provaluate is ProEd’s boutique market access consultancy and execution practice, committed to enhancing your business and differentiating your products in the eyes of access decision makers and influencers.

We PARTNER with leading-edge life science companies to bring an innovative approach to the market access conversation

We COMBINE former industry strategists and marketers with experienced medical communications professionals

Our highly SPECIALIZED team brings a deep understanding of rare and specialized disease states

Our Core Capabilities

We believe a brand has greater value when you can communicate it in a clear and compelling manner.

That’s why we put so much stock in our value proposition development approach.

We explore clinical benefit and cost impact to design the kind of real-world value story that inspires real-world action

Simple, smart, and elegant visuals bring clarity to complicated information and make your brand message memorable

Our unique approach is driven by a thorough and well-defined process that has a track record of efficiency


Over time, we have amassed a wealth of experience that we apply to our services within Market Access. We combine this expertise to tailor custom solutions that fulfill your goals and objectives.



We gather crucial payer insights to drive decision making

  • Market research studies and surveys
  • Qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups
  • Advisory boards and web discussion panels
  • Mock HTA and P&Ts

Provaluate Global Advisor Network

Our comprehensive expert relationships span US payers
and channel partners to former European Health Ministers

US Payers

  • Commercial MCO Pharmacy and Medical Directors
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • PBMs
  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN)
  • GPOs and hospital pharmacy
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
  • Specialty Pharmacy

European Payers

  • Germany: G-BA, IQWiG, GKV-SV, Sickfunds (KK), Physician Assoc (KV), hospital pharmacy
  • UK: NICE/SMC, Regionals (CCG), hospital pharmacy
  • France: TC, HAS, CEPS, hospital umbrella COMEDIMS, hospital pharmacy
  • Italy: AIFA, Regionals, hospital pharmacy
  • Spain: MoH, Regionals, hospital pharmacy


  • MHLW, pricing experts (in collaboration
    with our network partner, Junicon)


access to HCG’s extensive database of leading global clinical experts and KOLs in oncology, immunology, rare diseases, and many more



Scott Roberts, MBA

EVP, Managing Director,
Global Market Access


Kim Hayes-Widdersheim

Kenyatta Nickens

Sari Rizk

Bob Shaddock

Jeff Riegel, PhD

Shalini Murthy, PhD

Aaron Csicseri, PharmD

Mike Hobert, PhD

Bill Sinkins, PhD

Chris Barnes, PhD,

Ann Marie Fitzmaurice, PhD

Vinay Pasupuleti, MD, MS, PhD

Rezan Sahinkaya, PhD

Hossein Torkabadi, PharmD, PhD

Holly Cappelli, PhD

Sarah Schandle, PhD

Amanda Vreeland, PhD

Gayle Meehan, CTC

Sharon DeNunzio

Keith Widdersheim

Allen McCrodden, MBA

Jim Cozzarin, ELS, MWC®

Angela Belkin

Sandy Kratochvil

Seth Wawak

Gene Novik

Ray Hunziker

Matt Lewis

Ed Laukiavich

Steve Brunn, MEd

Tamar Harbaugh

Dan Pallotta

Kelly Calandro

Julie Deel

Jessica Lauschin

Jennifer Prosek

Staci Good

Connie Comella

Katie Leavy

Our Locations

ProEd Communications, Inc.

25101 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 230
Beachwood, OH 44122


Healthcare Consultancy Group

488 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022